Welcome to the Battle Zone!

Well Hello,

My name is Tashi. I’m from California and…


I like to bake. Not sure why because I couldn’t be further from a baker if I tried. Baking takes patience, science, and absolutely no guesstimating. Impatient, guessing, and taking a handful of flour and calling it a cup sounds more like me. I am that person that likes to open the oven every 4 1/2 minutes to “See how it’s going!”. I also typically jump right in not reading through the whole recipe and find I have to chill something overnight (this is where the patience thing is really necessary). I live in the color white, not conducive to splashing, mixing, beating, folding, cutting, rolling, or melting and I never quite remember to put the apron on until it’s too late.  Some how, despite it all, I still find joy in it.

I also like to cook, some of those little wild adventures shall end up on here as well.

Ready Set Bake….


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